Our Director

Anne Hilty, PhD, is a psychologist, writer and educator, working with individuals, organizations, and institutions. A native New Yorker or “natural global citizen,” she has been engaged in the promotion of global understanding throughout her career. Dr Anne has lived abroad since January 2005, in a total of 6 countries spanning 3 continents. Additionally, she has traveled to and conducted cultural research in 100 countries to date, including repeated visits to 5 for ongoing long-term study and 1-month intensives in 7 others.


Dr Anne in Rome, New Year’s Eve 2016/7.

Dr Anne has always followed a scholar-practitioner model. Having begun in the healthcare field as a nurse’s aide in 1980, she maintained a psychotherapy and natural health practice in New York (1989-2004), subsequently in both South Korea and Hong Kong (2005-2015), and now globally. She has also served on the medical and/or counseling staff of several New York hospitals.

In addition to her clinical work and cultural research, Dr Anne has engaged in teaching and education management. In 2017-18 she was the invited Visiting Professor in the Center for International Affairs of Jeju National University (South Korea); she has also been an adjunct professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong) and Regis College (Boston), and a founding administrator for two English academies in Seoul.

In addition to teaching, Dr Anne has given numerous public presentations and seminars on cultural themes to promote intercultural understanding, including EWP’s signature Intercultural Trainings. She has published 200+ articles on cultural topics as well as several books and book chapters, and is currently developing a 7-book series for a university press in Hong Kong. Following her 5-year in-depth study of Jeju Island, South Korea, she served for 4 years (2014-2018) as a government-appointed Honorary Ambassador for Jeju Island, introducing and promoting the island’s culture globally.

Dr Anne is an active member of Business and Professional Women [BPW] International. She served as Congress Organizer / Program Coordinator for the 2014 Congress held in South Korea with 800 participants from 54 countries, participated (2015; 2017) in the Leaders’ Summit held annually in New York in conjunction with the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and was a delegate to both the 2017 International Congress in Cairo and the 2018 Asia-Pacific Regional Conference.  Dr Anne is co-leader of 3 international projects for BPW: Women, Peace & Security: UN1325, Intercultural Dialogues: UNESCO Platform, and International Mobility: Expatriate Empowerment, and co-facilitator of 2 international training programs: one on meditation and the other on leadership training. Dr Anne further serves as a member of the Peace & Intercultural Understanding taskforce. At the local level, she was the founding president of BPW Hong Kong (2015-2017), in which she remains an active member and advisor; she also maintains associate membership with BPW New York City and is active with the Intercontinental Club, based in France and operating globally.

EastWest Psyche Ltd represents Dr Anne’s 4th experience as an entrepreneur. She maintains seasonal residences in both Northeast Asia and Southern Europe, and continues to travel extensively in research of the world’s cultures.

EWP … promoting global understanding


Dr Anne participating in the annual ceremony to Jeju Island’s creator goddess, Seolmundae Halmang — the first foreigner to do so. (May 2011)