“100 Countries”

meDr Anne here — setting out on yet another, this time epic, journey.

I’ve just concluded a one-year position as Visiting Professor, once again on South Korea’s Jeju Island, at the Jeju National University. There I taught courses of my own design on intercultural competency, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and developing global mindedness, and the benefits and challenges of multicultural societies, as well as a course in practical psychology.

Now, following visits to my bases of Hong Kong and New York, I’ll set off in just 3 days for Russia — the first of 55 countries over these next 9 months. I’ll be conducting cultural research throughout Eastern Europe, Central Asia, 10 countries in Africa, the Middle East, and more of South America. Research goals, beyond generally increased cultural understanding, include reconciliation and reconstruction in post-conflict zones, the status and nuances of gender equality, and the identity and self-presentation of nations and cultures, including the preservation of tradition in the quest for modernity.

A new series of articles, entitled ‘100 Countries‘, will soon begin here in this blog. In it, I’ll share cultural highlights and interesting anecdotes from my ongoing research — on these upcoming 55 countries, as well as many of the 58 others previously studied. Of particular importance to me is not only to learn about each culture from its own members and my direct experiences, but also to ‘connect the dots’ — to draw correlations, compare and contrast, gain ever-increasing understanding of these intertwined histories, and in so doing, to look at the greater picture: our shared humanity.

I invite you to join me in this quest.

Teaching, Meeting, Preparing


In Rome

Dr Anne here…preparing once again for cultural research and collegial meetings around the world. This time, from mid-December through the end of February, I’ll be in the Asia-Pacific region: Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Philippines.

My last travels, soon after the previous post here, took me to 5 continents between June and August: US, Cuba, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Morocco, and Spain, before returning to Hong Kong and going on to South Korea. In Brazil, where I stayed for a full month, I was honored to give presentations in both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro; I met with BPW and other colleagues throughout my travels.


Rio de Janeiro

Since September, I’ve been in South Korea as a Visiting Professor at Jeju National University, where I’ve been teaching courses on topics of intercultural competency and building on my prior 5 years of cultural research here. During this term, I’ve also traveled not only back to Hong Kong, but also to UAE, Cairo, and Shanghai.


Workshop, BPW Int’l Congress, Cairo

The BPW International Congress was held in Cairo this October, which I attended as a delegate and member of the International Board; I also facilitated a workshop on “Women, Peace & Security [UNSC-R1325],” a program I’ve developed for the BPW International taskforce on Peace & Intercultural Competency. Attending the Congress were more than 600 business and professional women from over 70 countries across the globe.

Most recently, I’ve concluded my position as founding president of BPW Hong Kong, presiding over last weekend’s Annual General Meeting and Gala Dinner. Having installed a new ExCo, I now continue to serve BPWHK not only as Immediate Past President but also as both International Relations Coordinator and Twinning taskforce chair.


BPWHK AGM+Gala Dinner, Hong Kong

As this term winds down at Jeju National University, where I’ll be returning in spring, I’m also finalising a couple of manuscripts for City University Publishing in Hong Kong — and, conducting preliminary research for the next set of travels. Two related projects, coming in 2018: I’ll be facilitating the development of an intercultural competency training for BPW International, and working on a new manuscript for a book on the same topic.

EWP is dedicated to the promotion of global understanding — intrapersonal, interpersonal, intercultural. Toward that aim, we are very actively engaged in field research with colleagues throughout the world!

Research ‘Round the World

Such a lapse between posts…!

meDr Anne here. EWP staff concurs: Best to write this blog in my own voice, as my travels and intercultural research continue to take me across the globe.

Currently spending a month on Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, where I previously spent 5 years in in-depth cultural study of this Island of Women — and, Island of Peace. Next week I’ll participate in UCLG‘s 2nd Culture Summit, the aim of which is to promote Agenda 21 in which culture – both heritage and creativity – serves as a means to the sustainable development of communities. My presentation, in a session on Gender and Cultural Policies: “The Culture of Women, and Women in Culture.” And at the end of this month, I’ll participate in the 12th annual Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity.


BPW Int’l Leaders Summit in New York.

Since EWP‘s previous post, I’ve been moving about the globe almost continuously for field research and engagement with colleagues. In Summer 2016, I spent a month each in Iceland and Ireland, with shorter stays in UK and France; Winter 2016-7 included a month’s stay each in Italy and Greece, with shorter periods in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sicily, Malta, Turkey, and Cyprus. In March I attended BPW International‘s annual Leaders Summit in New York, held in conjunction with the UN’s 61st annual Commission on the Status of Women. And this Spring, I’ve been adding to my long-term studies of Thailand, Hong Kong, and South Korea.


With BPW colleagues in Milan.


On 08 June, after a brief return to Hong Kong for meetings with EWP staff and with BPW Hong Kongof which I am founding president, I’ll launch my next set of travels: US, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and Tunisia, before returning to East Asia … a marathon of 5 continents in 3 months! Meeting with colleagues in each location for events and networking, I’ll also continue my field research for the enhancement of EWP‘s signature Intercultural Trainings, offered around the world.

BPW Bangkok colleagues.


Soon I’ll begin a new series of postings here, on the world’s cultures which I continue to study — 44 thus far! — in which I’ll share my observations and insights. I hope that this outcome of my research may prove useful, in our shared quest for intercultural understanding as a means to global peace.


FYI … I’ve detailed travel itineraries planned through 2020, crisscrossing the globe. In the spirit of the breadth-depth-praxis practitioner research model I learned long ago in my doctoral studies, I continue to conduct field research in order to enhance both my breadth and depth of knowledge regarding the world’s cultures — with practical outcomes. Global travel for research provides breadth, complemented by my in-depth East Asia studies in South Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand, and my new series of in-depth studies in Italy, Greece, and Turkey.

As for practical applications: EWP will continue to provide our Intercultural Trainings around the world, with an eye toward launching online trainings and webinars by 2020 or perhaps sooner, along with the aforementioned upcoming article series on the world’s cultures. And, of course: organization of international conferences and events, and one-to-one online sessions with me for counseling, mentoring, consultation or tutoring, are always available!

For Peace and Understanding …

~Dr Anne

Our Summer Travels

Dr Anne is moving about the globe this summer: to represent the work of EWP, meet with colleagues, conduct more cultural study, and deliver our new intercultural events.


In June, Dr Anne was in New York and Boston. In her hometown of New York, she met with BPW colleagues for a discussion on current US sociopolitical issues as they relate to the empowerment of women. She also visited the UN, to enhance her insight into geopolitical affairs. In Boston, she had the unexpected privilege of witnessing immigrants taking the oath of citizenship!


Now, Dr Anne has traveled to Reykjavik, Iceland, where she will spend the month of July.

She is especially eager to learn more about the country’s strong women’s culture, and will deliver at least one of EWP’s signature events there.

Details to come!



One More Testimonial

We’re delighted to receive yet another testimonial for the work of EastWest Psyche and our director, Dr Anne — this time, from the publisher of US-based Korean Quarterly, Stephen Wunrow:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Anne Hilty has been a contributing writer for Korea Quarterly for well over ten years…. and has covered everything from investigative journalism to travel pieces to in-depth reporting on cultural issues and history – all in a lively, interesting and informative way.  She is also a very good photographer as a bonus!  (thanks for your great work Anne)”

You can download our full list of testimonials HERE.

We are always glad to receive supportive messages from our colleagues, clients, and friends around the world!