100 Countries Project

Open to all, with upcoming publication; this is an EWP project.

Format: A series of articles, entitled ‘100 Countries‘, appearing first as excerpts in the EWP Blog and ultimately published as a book of the same name; will contribute also to a book series on intercultural competency.

Based on: Dr Anne’s extensive field research in 100+ countries

Design: Each entry will begin with its classifications according to standard theories of cultural study (e.g., individualist vs collectivist). We’ll then offer some of our insights, or particularly salient facts about the country and its dominant culture, followed by a few tips for better understanding. Photos to accompany the article will be selected according to their ability to “tell a story” – to reflect an important cultural feature (or several).

Outcomes [Phase III]: (1) a 7-book series on Intercultural Competency by region; (2) the further informing of our signature training programs which can be found HERE, delivered both onsite and online; (3) the grounding of Dr Anne’s counselling practice with expatriates, immigrants, intercultural couples, Third-Culture Kids [TCKs], and cross-cultural adoptees, as well as her consultative practice with multicultural corporations; (4) contribution to 3 global projects currently co-led by Dr Anne for the BPW community: Intercultural Dialogue: UNESCO Platform; International Mobility: Expatriate Empowerment; and, Women, Peace & Security: UN1325; (5) contribution to 2 global training programs provided for the BPW community, co-facilitated by Dr Anne: Meditation for Work, Life, World; and, Leadership Webinar Series; and much more.


From Dr Anne: “Of particular importance to me is not only to learn about each culture from its own members and my direct experiences, but also to ‘connect the dots’ — to draw correlations, compare and contrast, gain ever-increasing understanding of these intertwined histories, and in so doing, to look at the greater picture: our shared humanity. I invite you to join me in this quest.”

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