Intercultural Dialogue (UNESCO)

Exclusively for Members of Business & Professional Women [BPW] International, this is a BPW Member Project.


Focus Areas: (1) gender; (2) peace / conflict resolution

Purposes: (1) awareness-raising; (2) capacity-building

Sustainable Development Goals: (11) Sustainable Communities; (16) Peace / Justice / Institutions; (17) Partnerships

Outcomes: (1) raising awareness within BPW global membership regarding cross-cultural issues; (2) participants gain transferable skills in regard to intercultural awareness and communication, for use in their workplace and community; (3) “ripple effect” in the sharing of these skills with other community members; (4) publication of article regarding our process and outcomes, in UNESCO Intercultural Dialogue platform blog

Format: (1) Online monthly meeting on specific topic and the various ways it is conceived and practiced in each participant’s cultural setting; (2) Education of participants in intercultural dialogue guidelines and considerations; (3) presentation of process at BPW regional conferences, international congress, and leaders’ summits

Sample Topics: communication styles (e.g. direct vs. indirect), leadership (e.g. hierarchical vs. egalitarian), workplace practices, handling workplace conflicts, peace-building, work/family/personal balance, relationship between genders, feminism, aging, transgender women, divorce, repairing broken trust, healing from trauma in society, identity, power distance, women’s issues in governance

UNESCO Platform:

Project Co-Leaders: Dr Anne Hilty & Dr Marie-Claude Machon-Honore [France]

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