Leadership Webinar Series

Exclusively offered to members of Business & Professional Women [BPW] International; this is not, however, an official program of BPW International. It is an independent service provided pro bono by the facilitators for the benefit of the BPW community.  



Premise: A support structure for emerging leaders of BPW, by those with prior experience and/or relevant expertise — young members especially welcome; skills-based, competency-oriented

Topics: History of BPW; governance documents (constitution, regulations, and procedure manual); how to run a campaign for office; the roles of international executive members, federation and club president; new club start-up; parliamentary procedure; resolutions — development, proposal, support, success; fundraising and sponsorship; PR and marketing; how to build a Young BPW program; effective uses of IT; the role of the UN representative and BPW work at the UN; and, more.


  • Monthly webinar (online lecture + Q&A) delivered by a variety of BPW experts
  • Second Wednesday of every month, 6-7pm GMT(UT) –> STARTS JUNE 2019
  • One-hour sessions, utilizing ZOOM
  • Drop-in according to interest; no need to commit to all sessions

  • Facilitators: Dr Yasmin Darwich & Dr Anne Hilty
  • Database of experts, categorized by their area(s) of expertise, to be maintained by program facilitators; Matching of requests with an experienced member who can provide appropriate support


  • For any given leadership role, such as:
    • Executive Positions (at local, national, international levels)
    • Committee or taskforce chair
    • Delegate to General Assembly
    • CSW Delegate 
    • UN Representative
  • For any given BPW event:
    • Congress, Regional Conference, Leaders Summit, Other 
    • Potential attendees can ask questions regarding event structure and how to participate for maximum benefit
  • For club startup:
    • In countries that do not have a federation to guide them
    • To provide step-by-step guidance and support
  • For young clubs:
    • To share best practices and answer questions
    • To give general support
  • For clubs of any size / age:
    • To provide advice on how to attract Young BPW members
    • To share best practices
    • To provide objective mediation / conflict resolution

Co-facilitators: Yasmin Darwich, MD [Mexico], & Anne Hilty, PhD

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