Women, Peace & Security (UN1325)

Exclusively for Members of Business & Professional Women [BPW] International, this is a BPW Member Project.


Focus Area: Following Resolution 1325, “Women, Peace & Security,” of the UN Security Council

Purposes: (1) Awareness-raising; (2) Capacity-building; (3) Women’s empowerment in peace- and security-related fields; (4) Security of all women and girls

 Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs]: (5) Gender Equality; (16) Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions; and, (17) Partnerships for the Goals.

 DESCRIPTION: The Women, Peace & Security: UN1325 program is modelled after UN Security Council Resolution 1325 of the same name, which focuses on four areas: Prevention, Participation, Protection, and Relief & Recovery. The program provides guidelines, suggested projects, and resources for our worldwide BPW affiliates to adopt and adapt according to their local needs.

OBJECTIVES: (1) Develop and disperse to BPW membership: guidelines, suggested initiatives, and regional resources; (2) Develop a position paper on this issue, to: (a) submit to BPW International Executive Committee for review and potential adoption;(b) disperse to BPW affiliates and publish on BPW Int’l website; (3) Develop a presentation to be delivered at BPW regional conferences, international congress, and other relevant venues; (4) Develop and disperse to BPW membership periodic updates in re: efforts of the NGO Working Group and relevant UN initiatives; (5) Join NGO working group on Women, Peace and Security in re: observer status with UN IANWGE Standing Committee on Women, Peace and Security; (6) Collaborate with PeaceWomen, and with Women Waging Peace Network [Inclusive Security].

Project Co-Leaders: Dr Anne Hilty & Irini Poutakidou [Greece]; project members are from Turkey, Uganda, Nigeria, and Lebanon.

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