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Jeju Haenyeo, Stewards of the Sea (2015)

♦ Published by Jeju National University, Sea Grant Center

♦ Non-commercial / available as FREE PDF Download:

♦ Book I HERE and Book II HERE

Jeju Island: Reaching to the Core of Beauty (2011)

Dr. Anne’s first book, part of the Korea Essentials series

♦ Available for Purchase HERE

A Taste of Islands (2013)

Dr. Anne’s chapter: “Seongge-guk (Sea Urchin Soup) -Jeju, Republic of Korea”

♦ Book Available for Purchase HERE or HERE

Goddesses and Strong Jeju Women: Completed; Publication Pending

Shamanism: Folk Psychology, Modern Applications: In Progress

Cultural Trauma and Healing: The Case of Jeju Island: In Progress


Dr Hilty regularly publishes articles in a variety of sources. Her most recent include Goddesses and Strong Jeju Women, Part I and Part II in Korean Quarterly (US: 2016), Novelist Lisa See sets her sights on Jeju Island in Jeju Weekly (ROK: 2016), and Shamans, Volcanoes, and Free-diving Grannies in NatGeo Traveller (AU: 2015). She also published two short stories, Goddesses, Shamans, and Diving Grannies (2016) and Sea Girl (2017), in the Insight anthology (Hong Kong Women in Publishing).

To date, Dr Hilty has published 3 books, 3 book chapters, 224 articles in 14 publications, 12 columns, and her doctoral thesis, with another book manuscript pending publication and an academic 7-book series on intercultural competency currently in progress. Full Portfolio Available Upon Request.

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