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Jeju Haenyeo, Stewards of the Sea (2015)

♦ Published by Jeju National University, Sea Grant Center

♦ Non-commercial / available as FREE PDF Download:

♦ Book I HERE and Book II HERE

Jeju Island: Reaching to the Core of Beauty (2011)

Dr. Anne’s first book, part of the Korea Essentials series

♦ Available for Purchase HERE

A Taste of Islands (2013)

Dr. Anne’s chapter: “Seongge-guk (Sea Urchin Soup) -Jeju, Republic of Korea”

♦ Book Available for Purchase HERE or HERE

Goddesses and Strong Jeju Women: Completed; Publication Pending

Shamanism: Folk Psychology, Modern Applications: In Progress

Cultural Trauma and Healing: The Case of Jeju Island: In Progress


Dr Hilty regularly publishes articles in a variety of sources. Her most recent include Goddesses and Strong Jeju Women, Part I and Part II in Korean Quarterly (US: 2016), Novelist Lisa See sets her sights on Jeju Island in Jeju Weekly (ROK: 2016), and Shamans, Volcanoes, and Free-diving Grannies in NatGeo Traveller (AU: 2015). She also published a short story entitled, Goddesses, Shamans, and Diving Grannies, in Insight anthology (Hong Kong: 2016).

To date, Dr Hilty has published 3 books, 3 book chapters, 224 articles in 14 publications, 12 columns, and her doctoral thesis, with another book manuscript pending publication. Full Portfolio Available Upon Request.

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Dr Anne with BPW colleagues in Rome, Italy. (July 2015)