Counseling for Expatriates: People living abroad are faced with issues unique to their displaced status. These may include: a loss of identity, independence, and self-confidence; impact on mental health; dealing with discrimination; differences in work culture and business environment; lack of professional network; relationships: loss of original support system, making friends in the new country, … Continue reading Expatriates


Counseling for Immigrants: While immigrants share many of the same issues as expatriates, they differ in permanence as the intention is to “belong” to the new country and perhaps even seek citizenship. There are 4 models of immigration: assimilation, which is often the unrealized expectation of the dominant or local culture — that somehow you … Continue reading Immigrants

Intercultural Couples

Counseling for Intercultural Couples: While love, compatibility, and shared experience are powerful forces, when two people in a relationship come from different cultural backgrounds, it can become an unexpected source of conflict. Many times the qualities we dislike or don’t understand in our partner are not so much a reflection of his/her character as of … Continue reading Intercultural Couples

Third-Culture Kids [TCKs]

Counseling for Third-Culture Kids [TCKs]: TCKs represent a unique population, in that they belong to more than one culture — and not so clearly to any. The term is used to describe, regardless of age, those who have grown up within more than one cultural milieu: those who are raised by immigrants with one culture … Continue reading Third-Culture Kids [TCKs]


Counseling for Cross-Cultural Adoptees: People who have been adopted into a culture outside of their ethnic heritage often struggle with issues of identity, unresolved grieving, challenging relationships within the adoptive family, discrimination and bullying, feelings of belonging and rejection, difficulties in relationships, and mental illness. They represent a highly specialized type of Third Culture Kid … Continue reading Adoptees