Goddesses & Strong Women Retreat

All scenic photographs throughout this website are of JEJU ISLAND, S. KOREA, courtesy of Jeju Provincial Government.

Goddesses & Strong Women Retreat:

Jeju Island, S. Korea!

Island of Women ~ Island of Nature ~ Island of Spirit ~ Island of Peace

3-day WOMEN-ONLY Programme

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NEXT RETREAT -> 2018: to be announced

♥Retreat Center♥Seminars & Workshops♥Healthy Meals♥Guesthouse Accommodations♥♦Surrounded by Nature♦Unique Eco-cultural Experience Tour♥

Led by:

Dr Anne Hilty, Govt-appointed Honorary Ambassador for Jeju Island, and her Jeju Colleagues!

For more information, or to reserve YOUR place, send email to: info@eastwestpsyche.com

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Dr Anne with BPW colleagues on Jeju Island, S. Korea. (August 2015)