Goddesses & Strong Women Tour

All scenic photographs throughout this website are of JEJU ISLAND, S. KOREA, courtesy of Jeju Provincial Government.

Goddesses & Strong Women Tour:

Jeju Island, S. Korea!

3-Day Tour Program (Adults Only)

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NEXT TOUR -> 2018: to be announced

♥Free-Diving Women’s Community♥Historic Female Merchant/Philanthropist Icon♥Female Shamans and Ceremonies♥Goddess-Oriented Mythology♥“Strong Jeju Woman” Archetype♥Women’s Culture♥From Trauma to Healing♥Natural Beauty, Volcano+Sea♥Recognized by: UNESCO, Ramsar, IUCN, N7W♥

— Including Guesthouse, Local Transportation, and Healthy Meals


Dr Anne Hilty, Govt-appointed Honorary Ambassador for Jeju Island, and her Jeju Colleagues!

For more information, or to reserve YOUR place, send email to: info@eastwestpsyche.com

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LEFT: Dr Anne’s original appointment as Honorary Ambassador of Jeju, by Governor WOO Keun-min (May 2014); RIGHT: Reappointment by Governor WON Hee-ryong (May 2016).