Active Days of Summer

Busy, indeed — and we’ve much news to share with you.

Our director Dr Anne has completed her “5 continents in 5 months” introduction of EWP across the globe, expanding our network of business colleagues and listening to the needs of busy professionals everywhere. Along the way, she participated in the BPW Leadership Summit (New York), UN Commission on the Status of Women, Cross-Cultural Understanding Conference (Cairo), Cairo Women’s Empowerment Summit, Global Summit of Women (Sao Paulo), and B2B Milan Expo BPW event.

In Hong Kong earlier this month, the new chapter of BPW Hong Kong held its formative meeting and is now well on the way to official establishment, anticipated in September. Dr Anne was elected as its President (pro tem), complemented by a full 9-member ExCo.

This week Dr Anne is on Jeju Island, supporting a Hong Kong colleague by providing a round of local introductions, for the purpose of building a retreat center on Jeju! At the same time, she supports a colleague from Canada who is designing her own 3-month research project of Jeju, a Denmark-Korean adoptee seeking her shamanic roots, and a US composer studying traditional music of Korea.

Next week, Dr Anne will join two colleagues to attend the NGO UNESCO “Rapprochement of Cultures” forum in Beijing, where – as a member of BPW International – she will co-facilitate a workshop on peace & intercultural understanding, and – as Honorary Ambassador of Jeju Island – will provide UNESCO officials and affiliate NGO representatives with her books on Jeju ‘s indigenous free-diving women.

Amid all this activity, Dr Anne continues to write and publish; currently, she is developing an article for none other than NatGeo Traveller Australia/New Zealand, on the mystical indigenous women’s culture of Jeju Island — free-divers, shamans, goddesses, and more! Jeju Government has also recently invited Dr Anne to remain as Honorary Ambassador for a second consecutive 2-year term, extended through 2018.

August is lining up to be a transitional month, as Dr Anne wraps up her current research on Jeju Island and returns to Hong Kong to take up full-time residence once more. Beginning in September, she will affiliate with the interdisciplinary practice of Dr Susan Jamieson & Associates (Central), where she will maintain a part-time practice in integrative psychology.

As always, for more information, please contact us!

Busy Times!

Sao-PauloWe have been very busy here at EWP, preparing for and supporting our director’s world travels for the introduction of our company. Marketing 101 for any 21st-century global enterprise!

Since February, Dr. Anne has been in: SE Asia (for meetings in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia); N America (New York, to attend both the UN Commission on the Status of Women and the BPW International Leaders Summit); Africa / Arab States (Egypt, to attend both the Cross-Cultural Understanding Conference and the African Women Empowerment Summit); and, S America (Brazil, for meetings and to attend the Global Summit of Women)!

Completing her goal of “5 continents in 5 months,” she will go to Europe in June to attend the B2B Women in Ethic Business Expo in Milan, and for meetings in Geneva, Berlin, Athens and Rome. But first: Dr. Anne will be back in Hong Kong next week, for the TEDx-Women event in Wanchai on 31 May!

Meantime, look for her next book (available as free e-book download), Jeju Haenyeo: Stewards of the Sea (Book II), commissioned by the Jeju Sea Grant Center of Jeju National University, Jeju Island, Republic of Korea — due out next week and available at this site!

And don’t forget our Rejuvenation Retreat, taking place in early July on Jeju Island — registration deadline 31 May!

Best Personal and Professional Health to All~!


New Book by Dr. Hilty

FROM OUR DIRECTOR: My next book is being published this week! Just approved the designer’s final work! “Jeju Haenyeo, Stewards of the Sea (Book I),” written by me for the Jeju Sea Grant Center of Jeju National University, photos by Brenda Paik Sunoo, planning & design by The Jeju Weekly. Not commercially available ~ but, will soon be available as a FREE e-book via global distribution, to be announced here! #eastwestpsyche