Our Grand Opening Party has begun!


It’s the world’s stroke of midnight (00:00 UTC+14), and EWP has begun its month-long Grand Opening Party! Gifts will be hidden on our website all month, a new GIFT and location each day — THREE for the global New Year’s Day (01 January 2015: 00:00 UTC+14 ~ 23:59 UTC-12) !

The first three: Business Coaching Session (value: US$100 / HK$775!), Consultation for Wellness Plan (value: US$125 / HK$970!), and English Tutoring Session (value: US$75 / HK$580!). Grab YOURS: download and email it to us for validation!

 ~ Happy New Year from EWP!

The Countdown Begins…

The Countdown begins — to the New Year, and to our Grand Opening Party! We are nearly at the world’s first midnight (UTC+14) and the start of a 24-hour global welcoming, time zone after time zone, of the fresh new year! Simultaneously: EastWest Psyche throws open the doors on its Grand Opening Party, with 3 Gift Certificates for our services hidden somewhere in our website! Each new day thereafter will bring another GIFT in a new location! Get YOURS, and

Happy New Year from EastWest Psyche!


Grand Opening Treasure Hunt!

Our GRAND OPENING Treasure Hunt begins as we embrace the New Year: 31 December at the stroke of the world’s first midnight, <UTC+14>! For every day in January, we will post a TREASURE somewhere on our website: this GIFT icongift-card that leads you to a certificate for a FREE service! On the world’s New Year’s Day <UTC+14 to UTC-12!>, there will be THREE hidden treasures!

If you locate a certificate, please email it to us immediately for validation. We will return to you a certificate signed by our director, Dr. Anne Hilty, with a 90-day effective period! Welcome to our GRAND OPENING!

GRAND Opening 01 January!

Though we are officially open, our GRAND OPENING of 01 January is designed to help you begin the New Year WELL! Throughout the month, we will be running a “Treasure Hunt” with gifts and discounts hidden throughout our website, each with a 24-hour claim for validation and updated daily. More promotional events are being planned, with details to be announced 27-31 December! Our GRAND Opening begins at the GLOBAL NEW YEAR: stroke of midnight, UTC+14! Watch This Space!!  #eastwestpsyche  eastwestpsyche.com