“Dr. Anne Hilty was invaluable as I planned a trip to Jeju Island to research a novel based on the haenyeo–the island’s culturally-important, yet vanishing, diving women. She answered pages of questions about the history and culture of the haenyeo and also helped to arrange many of the logistic aspects of my trip.  Once on Jeju, she personally introduced me to shamans, government officials, and scholars.  She took me to historic sites and arranged high-quality translators.  She seems to know everyone and generously shared her knowledge and expertise. I will be forever grateful for her help.” –Lisa See, novelist, USA

Lisa See

“Dr Anne Hilty has been instrumental in the success of my project by creating key connections for me with specialists in my field, providing up-to-date information, references and expertise, as well as sharing her invaluable first-hand experience. And all this is done with an unmatched spirit of generosity, intellectual curiosity and friendship.” ~Dr Mikhail Karikis, artist & senior lecturer, University of Brighton, UK

Dr Mikhail Karikis

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